Fullmetal Alchemist in Our Own World

I was very excited to do the physical portion of this assignment. Ever since I started watching FMA I had wanted to design my own transmutation circle, and this presented me with an opportunity to do so for a grade. However, it was also very intimidating because, well, I'm not exactly what you'd call an artist. As a matter of fact, I'm far from one.  Once I got over my fear, I started to figure out the basic form that I wanted the circle to take and some of the symbols I wanted to include. I knew that I wanted to tie in the Metamorphoses and design my own human transmutation circles.  One important feature of alkahestry is that it uses the flow of energy through the earth (ki or chi) to power transmutation, so I used the octagon of chi as my starting point. 

As I studied both alchemy and alkahestry, I learned that alchemical transmutation circles rely on very rigid and precise geometric designs, while alkahestry uses more indirect shapes and curved lines. Knowing this, I started designing my alchemy circle as two overlaid squares and went from there. I had to use some techniques that I learned in 6th grade geometry to get the shapes just right, and I was pretty impressed that I actually remembered how. Anyway, the design kind of developed from there, and here is the final product.

 The text around the outside is the opening line to the Metamorphoses translated into Latin, "I want to speak of bodies changed into new forms, from the beginning of the world to my own time," and an often used quote from FMA, "All is one, one is all." 

The alkahestry circle was a bit more difficult to design. I couldn't just use straight geometry because it wouldn't fit the style, so I had to ask for help on this one. My girlfriend is a wonderful artist, so the two of us worked on a design for a while and finally came up with a skeleton that we both liked. The symbols are five of the seven chakras. The chakras are an ancient Indian concept that all the energy in the human body is concentrated at seven points.

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